Art, Blank Books, Cards, Toys and more.....

Hope to see you on Saturday December 2 for our super fun arty party.
That's right - fun.
Time to end a great year of compelling curated exhibits and make way for merry.

Here are some sneak peek pics of what is here and what to expect later....
although some great art and toys have already sold, so hopefully you won't miss out on some favs that you might see here.

Gallery Hours Wed - Sun 12 -6 + bonus hours this season.
Just drop me a line to check in first. Happy happy!

Here is the cash and carry wall of art, toys and blank books...+ detail shots too.
Amy Rice, PIXNIT, Lola Ramona
Michael Hsiung, Lola Ramona
Ashley Goldberg, Mary Andrews
Liz Adams, Gina Stepaniuk, Dionysus Records, Janet Grey, Lara Newsom
Burlingame, Stepaniuk, Y, Grey, Dionysus...
Matt Burlingame sculpture for nice boys.
This is a glimpse of the FAUX LIVING ROOM. Courtesy of Retropia Vintage Furniture.
Paintings by gallery artists : Francoise Tudor, C. Martino, Mary Addison Hackett.
Rug, lamps, coffee table and chairs will be arriving also!!
see you soon.....Leora



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